What Is Military Diet?

One of the most common question you must be asking yourself is what is the military diet? The military diet is a diet that enables you to lose 10 pounds in as little as a week without the need for strenuous exercise or prescription drugs. It is a diet, which is affordable, and everyone can do. The military diet is one that allows you to jumpstart metabolism, burn fat and in all cause you to lose water weight fast.

3 Day Military Diet Needs No Exercise And Pills

One of the best things about the 3 day military diet is that it allows you to get into shape extra fast. It is because the 3 day military diet consists of chemically compatible low carb foods that will enable kick start weight loss. The diet consists of 3 “on days” where you follow a strict regime and 4 “off days” where you eat as normal as you would. The “three on days” where you follow a meal plan can be a little harsh on some, who complain of hunger and low energy. While this is tried, it forces your body to burn off the extra fat you want to lose. Does the 3 day military diet really work? Yes, it does!

Military Diet Meal Plan

The military diet composes of 9 meals divided over 3 days. This mean or each day, you will have breakfast, lunch and supper.

The foods needed for the 3-day military diet are those that are easily accessible and affordable. Besides, the meals that make up the diet do not require cooking skills to prepare. Also, no special mixes, sauces and so on are needed. There is no need to own a food scale or a calorie calculator. The 3 day military diet is easy to follow and execute. You can find most of the foods for the military diet in your kitchen. And if not, a trip to a local grocery store or farmers’ market will solve the problem. The main issue many have with the diet is the craving for foods you eat on a daily basis. In total the amount of calories you are allowed to consume during the three-day diet is minimal. However, with some determination, you can complete the diet. You can read about the military diet plan and the military diet meal plan for more info.

Elements Of The 3 Day Military Diet


What makes so many people follow and use the three day diet, how does the military diet work? Although this diet is not as relaxed as the Jenny Craig diet, it is also more flexible than most diets such as the vegan diet. Also, the foods on the 3 day military diet have much variety. This means that you will not get bored of eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The military diet includes foods high in protein such as meat, egg, vegetables, dairy products and so on. The variety helps.

Choice of Drinks During The Military Diet

The drink of choice for the 3 day military diet is coffee. Although many have vilified coffee, it is not a bad drink. Rich in antioxidants and caffeine, it mainly helps to improve your skin and your heart. As long as you drink coffee in moderate amount, it is an excellent drink choice. Coffee’s place among other foods on the military diet is well deserved since coffee is a very good appetite suppressant. That will help keep you from steering off your diet. One thing to remember is that you should take the coffee black, without any cream and sugar. Adding cream and sugar will add calories to the coffee. Calories you are trying to cut down. You can add stevia since it has 0 calories. (Read More)

Must Avoid Cheating On The Diet

One reason why you may not lose any weight when on this diet is, eating more than dictated by the diet. For the first two days of the diet, it can be hectic, as you are not used to eating this little. Most people who took on the 3 day military diet, they found the third day the easiest. And while it is nearly impossible to shut down your craving, you can have comfort in the fact that, the diet will be over in no time. With this in mind, it is wise not to go in for additional servings once, you have eaten the meal as suggested by the diet. For this reason, it is usually an excellent idea to have a partner on this diet. It makes it easier to undertake it.

Also, although, you can have a cup more coffee than recommended, drinking coffee whenever you feel hungry is one of the worst things to do. Drinking too much coffee will lead to elevated heart rate and an excessive amount of urination. Because of the limited amount of calories in this diet, it is advisable to see your doctor before you embark on the diet. You need to focus on the 3 day military diet meal plan and make sure not to skip the diet even for a snack.

Hydration Is Necessary

It is essential to be properly hydrated throughout the 3 day military diet. That is because hydration is an important aspect of this 3-day diet. And it can be the distinction between success and failure as you embark on this three-day journey. With that said, it is necessary to drink a lot of water. You can have a cup or two of coffee, but you should take in more water. The water should be plain with no additives. Water needs to be your top source of hydration through the military diet and not coffee or any other beverage. Water has no additives, colorants, or calories. They will fill you up without contributing to your daily calorie count. Instead of going for a snack, you should have a glass of water.

So why water is that necessary to the 3-day military diet? Even without the military diet in place, the average adult needs about 8 cups of water a day. Apart from the fact that water makes it easier to finish the 3 day military diet, it also allows you to shed off extra weight. Extensive scientific research and studies have been conducted to learn more about water’s weight loss abilities. Researchers such as “Impact of water intake on energy intake and weight status: a systematic review” which appeared in Nutrition Reviews, “Pre-meal water consumption for weight loss” which appeared in the Australian Family Physician have corroborated the effect that drinking water has to weight loss. You can also check out articles such as “Pre-meal water consumption for weight loss” published in the New York Times, and “The new secret to losing weight? Water” published by CNN. Water helps us lose weight through energy regulation and thermoregulation.

Apart from the fact that proper hydration in important to the diet and weight loss, proper hydration improves the appearance of the skin, improving booth the feel and look.

For these reasons, it is essential you keep hydrated throughout the military diet. Here is a detail article on Military Weight Loss Diet.

Eating Natural And Avoiding Carbs

The three diet days indicated by the 3-day military diet is followed by 4 “off days”, where you eat as you normally do. It is important that during these four days, you consume foods less in carbs and avoid processed foods and sugar. That will better help you maintain the weight you have lost. During these four days, you should try to eat less than 300 grams of carbs.

After the diet, you should strive to eat naturally. When it comes to eating natural, it has to be a gradual process. It is best to gradually incorporate more and more natural foods into your diet than drastically changing your eating routine overnight. That will prevent you from relapsing.

To put this into perspective, if you eat mostly potato chips, fries, burgers, cookies, cakes, pie and such on a daily basis, it is tough to change your diet suddenly. You will likely not be able to see it through. Rather you should seek to change your diet and eat fewer carbohydrates gradually. Also, you do not need to cut out every gram of carbs completely, but rather reduce the amount. You should consume more vegetables and foods less in calories. The is also a 4 day military diet which is basically about the off days of the week. You need to be conservative about your caloric intake during the 4 day military diet.

A Vegetarian Alternative To The Military Diet

If you are looking for military diet substitutes that can be because you are a vegan or vegetarian. The truth is many of the foods on the military diet are animal products. It does not mean, you cannot take on the military diet because luckily there is the vegetarian alternative. With this, you should replace foods such as milk, hot dogs, and egg with vegan options. The replacements contain the same amount of calories and a similar amount of nutrients. As a matter of fact, not only vegans enjoy the vegetarian military diet alternative. Even many non-vegetarians prefer the vegetarian military diet simply because they feel it is filling.

Try Military Diet For A Month

There are those who are not satisfied with the 3 day military diet, so they decide to take it up to a month. Although going on and off the diet can cause your weight to “yo-yo”, it is an excellent way to kick start weight loss. The military diet is not a diet that you can follow for a year. Rather it is an excellent way to see results fast. Going on the military diet for a month does not mean you will lose 40 pounds in a month’s time, but you will lose more than 10 pounds.

However, if you are planning on taking the 3 day military diet for a month some changes will need to be done. For example, hot dogs are high in nitrates, so you should try in some lean meat instead. Also, although coffee is a great beverage, you can replace it with an even healthier alternative such as green tea. If you want quality, you can go for matcha green tea powder or even sencha green tea. Oblong and black teas are also good choices. With beverages on the military diet, you should not add sweeteners.

Also, you should make sure you drink a lot of water and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Making The Military Diet A Success

When on the military diet, make sure to drink 8 cups of water a day. When taken in fluids to make up the 8 cups of water, you should not add sweeteners or cream. You should avoid drinks including diet soda and such. You can add a little stevia if you must have a sweetener. Also, you should totally avoid beverages with alcohol. 0% alcohol is permitted on this diet. If you must have coffee, it should be black and sugarless. (Read More)

Also, you should not eat protein bars. However, you should do some light exercising, cardio mostly. You should try to go about your day, as you normally will. You can acquire most of the foods on this diet ahead of time at a grocery store or farmers’ market. Apart from the banana, which has a very short use by date, you can get all the ingredients ready before you start.

Life After Military Diet

For many, the military diet (aka army diet) is just a quick way to lose weight fast, in order to fit into a dress for an event. But you can use the 3 day military diet to kick-start your weight loss program or end it. If you are one who wants to lose weight for the long-term, then you will need to exercise daily and eat right even after the three days are over.