3 Day Army Diet – What To Drink?

The decision on what to drink during your 3 day army diet is crucial and can impact the outcome of your diet. That is why it is necessary to watch what you drink.

With most people, they tend to overlook the calories consumed by what they drink and it is only natural for you to do that. However, if you’re on the 3 day army diet, you must not make that mistake. The trust is that every calorie counts. The military diet is a very strict diet, and it is best to stick to it. Now let us take a little trip and examine all the drinks out there and which one is the best for you during your diet. Since this is not a novel, I will leak out the answer right away. The best drink on your diet is water.

Beverages To Avoid During Your 3 Day Army Diet

There are many drinks out there that are perceived as healthy but can not be. There are a lot of low-calorie drinks out there such as diet Coke and sugar-free soda. When you want to get a diet coke or a sugar-free coke, you need to be cautious. Here are two drinks you should try to avoid.

Diet soda – Although diet soda contains fewer calories than regular soda, but they still contain sugars and sweeteners. Also, they can mess with your metabolism, and that just isn’t good. They still have some calories, and they have no micronutrients. The only nutrients they have is sugar. It will spike up your blood sugar level and cause your body to store fat. Not something you want during your 3 day army diet.

Sugar-free soda/ drinks – You also need to be wary of sugar-free beverages. Yes, they don’t contain sugar, but sugar isn’t the only sweetener out there. There are a lot of other artificial sweeteners that they add. These still contain some calories.

Beverages To Consider For 3 Day Army Diet

Lemon water- Lemon water is a great drink to have after a hard day’s work. You can have them chilled or have been hot. Many people claim that when lemon water is hot, it boosts metabolism. However, there is no evidence for that. Cold water burns more calories compared to warm water. The lemon us a good source of vitamin C and the lemon helps with digestion. Also, they are good at helping your body burn down fat.

Green Tea – Tea is a great drink. It has virtually no calories, it is high in antioxidants and has caffeine. They will help keep you healthy and help you burn fat. You can add some lemon juice to your tea, then refrigerate it. It is very refreshing.

Water – The best drink out there to keep you refreshed and hydrated during your 3-day diet is water. That is why you need to drink 8 cups of water a day. It will improve your health and your skin.