3 Day Diet Plan And The Off Days

Making The 3 Day Diet Plan Off Days A Success

The 3 day diet plan is for just 3 days as the name suggests. What then after you are done with the 3 days? Well before we go any further, you may want to ask yourself this question: “How is weight lost?” The answer is quite clear, taking in fewer calories than your body uses in a day. This leads to what is known as a calorie deficit. However, you need to eat healthy also. You may ask why that should be the case. This is because healthy foods are rich in nutrients but low in sugars and carbohydrates.

Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber. This is known to accelerate weight loss. There is an oxymoron that signifies someone who eats less or equal amount of calories he or she uses in a day and are normal weight but have a high fat to body mass ratio. This term is skinny fat. This is someone who is slim all right but has too much fat for his or her body weight. This is rather very unhealthy. For this reason, it is always important that you eat healthily. This is very true about the off days of the military days.

Although the military diet lasts for just 3 days, it is important that the off days are a success or the diet will be a burst. The off days are the 4 days following the 3 days of dieting. So what do you have to do during the off days? First of all, you need to eat healthy meals high in fiber, protein, and low in carbohydrates. Carbs are important for the provision of energy. However, you should enjoy you do not eat too much carbs. Refined sugar should be cut out of your meals. You should not take in any white sugar. Soda, energy drinks and other drinks with high sugar content should be cut out of your meals. Most important of all, you should try to eat less than 1500 calories a day.

Follow The 3 Day Diet Plan With A 1500 Diet Plan

When you are off the 3 Day Diet Plan, you should choose to eat about 1500 calories for the next 4 days. This will help you lose more weight while keeping you well fed. Your meals should contain fruits such as berries, foods high in healthy fats such as nuts, lean meat such as baked chicken, and most important of all green vegetables. Vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage are a necessity in your 4 off days. If you must take in carbohydrate, try to limit your intake to whole grains. And if you must have bread, have whole-wheat versions. If you must have rice, have whole grain rice. Oats is also a very healthy food, rich in plant protein, fiber, and vitamins. This website has a page that includes a 4 days diet plan. Make sure you check it out. This is important to the 3 day diet.

Good To Be Spontaneous

It is good to be spontaneous during 4 off days when it comes to eating. If you are one that does not like calorie counting, you should not do so. Eating healthy when hungry is the best way to ensure you are eating right. Even if foods such as fruits and vegetables, if you eat enough of them, you will eventually overeat. The good thing is, with vegetables and fruits you will need to eat much more to match the same amount of calories as in the same amount of foods such as burgers and potato chips. You should ensure you eat well, snack enough. The catch is to eat healthily and not to overeat. You should also add an exercising routine to your day. This will help keep you healthy

Drink Water Whenever You Can

It is essential that drink enough water. Drinking enough water can be frustrating since it can easily slip your mind. It is also very easy to have a soda or a beer. This can lead to you taking in some calories without even being aware of it. Even 100% natural juices juiced yourself contain fruit sugar without the fiber. This means for the same weight of fruit eaten whole, you will take in more sugar and none of the fiber if you take in juice instead of the fruit whole. For that reason, you should eat fruits whole.

If you must drink fruit juice, you should drink the whole fruit such as in the form of a smoothie. When it comes to smoothies, it is best to have one that you make yourself at home. That way you know exactly what is in the smoothie. When it comes to bars and cafes, their main is to maximize profit; as such, they will try to make their foods and smoothies included as palatable as they can.

However, it is important to drink pure 100% clean water. You can take a cup of coffee or two. Now, you have to ensure that the coffee is void of sugar and milk. You can also take in some tea. It is best to brew these beverages yourself, so you know exactly what is going into their making. Since tea and coffee contain caffeine, you should watch your intake. Too much caffeine can be bad for your health and can hinder the absorption of some nutrients such as calcium. There is also the case of caffeine crash.

As you can see, drinking water is your best bet to keep you hydrated without any side effects

Keep Calories Low

Even on the off days, you must make sure calorie intake is as long as you can get away with. This is also the trick of the three day diet. Caloric intake is kept low so you can lose body weight. This can be painful. So during the off days, you should not punish yourself by continuing such low intakes. This can cause your body to adapt and as such, a reduced caloric intake would not yield just as much body loss. It is important to mix it up. The 3 on days will be a form of intermittent fasting, while you resume normal eating on the off days. These off days can be between 4 to 7 days. You can then repeat the 3 day diet plan.