3 Day Military Diet Menu – Effects Of Coffee

Before we start, I would like to debunk the commonly accepted idea that coffee is bad for you. It is known to increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels, causes you to become insomniac among many others. It is true that coffee has a little effect on blood pressure and blood sugar levels. But these effects are negligible. Studies and researches have revealed the amazing health benefits on your skin and your whole body. It has put coffee in a good position in recent times. What are the effects of coffee in your 3 day military diet menu?

Coffee In Your 3 Day Military Diet Menu

One of the thing about coffee that makes it such a fantastic food to have on any diet menu including the 3 day military diet menu is the anti-oxidants in it. These work by canceling out the naturally occurring free radicals produced in your body. These harmful free radicals are created whenever your body uses oxygen. All living things using oxygen minutely and without it, a human will die within a few minutes.

However, when your body uses oxygen to provide you with energy and keep you alive, it forms free radicals. Free radicals will attack your cells and damage them leading to cancer, Parkinson disease, heart diseases, skin wrinkles and dark spots and so much more. Luckily, coffee is rich in antioxidants, and these antioxidants will naturally cancel out the free radicals and keep looking beautiful and healthy. It is why this is important to have some foods rich in antioxidants such as coffee or tea in your 3 day military diet menu.

One of the main reasons why coffee is on the 3 day military diet menu is its ability to suppress hunger and increase metabolism. It means you would feel fuller while burning more calories. Have a cup of black coffee with no sugar or cream today and enjoy the benefits. You don’t need to follow a diet to enjoy this refreshing beverage.

Best Way To Take Your Coffee

Coffee is a popular food and has ventures such a Starbucks very huge. But a visit to your local café will yield so many different types of coffee from Frappuccino to iced coffee to decaf and so much more. So what is the best type to have, if you’re conscious about your weight and the amount of calories you take in.

  1. To Decaf or not to decaf – Decafs are very popular, and for a good reason. Caffeine is a harmful and highly addictive substance. However, there are many benefits of caffeine. The caffeine in the coffee is what increases your body’s metabolism and help keep you sated for longer. Also, decaf coffee ends up destroy some of the antioxidants in the coffee. So to get the full benefits of coffee, take one with caffeine. Just make sure, you don’t drink more too many cups and not before bed.
  2. Frappuccino, good or bad – Frappuccino is a very nice beverage to have in the morning and is delicious. The only thing is that it is high in calories. For many people, it is a good source of nutrients and a great way to wake you up every morning. Not for when you’re on the 3 day military diet menu. This food is too high in calories and will spew up the targeted caloric intake of the 3 day military diet menu. Stick to a sugar-free, milk free, plain 100% real coffee.
  3. Should I add a little creamer for taste? – No, you should not. Many of these creamers contain sugar and calories. You should start away from them at all cost, even if you’re not on a diet. But if you much absolutely have some cream with your coffee, then make sure it is whole milk (full fat), you can also use almond milk or soy milk.
  4. Add some flavor – You can add more flavor to your coffee by adding some spices which are very low in calories. That way you are enjoying it as much as you can. Here are a couple of spices and flavors to consider.
  5. Cloves – This is an excellent ingredient to add to your coffee. Not only is it tasty, but it is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory abilities.
  6. Nutmeg – Next on the list of flavors to add to your 3 day military diet menu is nutmeg, and it is full of manganese (a beneficial nutrient).
  7. Cardamom – Another great spice to consider is Cardamom. This spice is rich in potassium and Vitamin C.
  8. Cinnamon – This is also a great ingredient to add. It is high in iron and helps even out blood sugar.
  9. Unsweetened cocoa powder – Lastly, I would need to tell you that, you can add unsweetened cocoa powder to your coffee. It will make the coffee more delicious and contains little calories.
  10. Organic is good – If you have the extra cash you can get some organic coffee instead of the regular ones. These will provide you with the healthiest option which is great.

3 Day Military Diet Menu Substitute For Coffee

The importance of coffee to the 3 day military diet menu can’t be underrated, but some people just don’t prefer it. If you are one of them, then you can replace it with the following beverages.

Tea – Tea is an excellent choice to substitute coffee. It’s also rich in antioxidants, caffeine and has lower calories. You can choose between oolong, green tea, and black tea. Green tea is the most popular choice. You can add a little stevia to it to make it a little sweeter. A few mint leaves would do no harm. You can experiment with the different flavors, just make sure it has no sweeteners.

Hot chocolate – You can take an unsweetened cocoa beverage instead of coffee on your 3 day military diet menu. It has calories, but still very few.

Coffee’s place on the 3 day military diet menu, is well-deserved and for good reason too. With coffee, you will surely get the best out of your 3 day military diet menu.