3 Day Military Diet Plan – Can You Include Yogurt?

Yogurt is one of the foods that is known to be low in calories, very healthy and a part of the 3 day military diet plan. But with each passing day, we find that it is getting harder to call it healthy. You will find many brands of yogurt out there available in so many various flavors and colors. It is not so simple to just grab a yogurt from the shelf or fridge in a convenient store. You need to know what exactly you are getting. There are many yogurts out there that are full of sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

It means that you need to take care and pay attention. You need to know more about yogurt. When getting yogurt try to stick to regular yogurt. Be sure to read the nutrition facts and thus know what you’re having.

Full Fat Vs Low Fat

Back in days, full-fat dairy was considered harmful, while low fat was found to be safe. However, that isn’t always the cause, because a low-fat dairy product can be low in fat, but higher in carbs. And too much carbohydrate is bad especially when you’re watching your weight.

Nowadays full fat yogurts are considered a rarity. However, many of the low fat yogurts out there are not the best. Many have a lot of added ingredients and additives which are always healthy. The amount of sweeteners included in these foods can also be quite high. It kills the beneficial bacteria in yogurt that the yogurt is all about.

Full fat yogurt usually sticks to the basics. These include fewer additives and are healthier. Just because a diary product is full fat doesn’t mean it will make you fatter as compared to the low-fat version. It is easily the other way around. A product that is rich in healthy fats will enable you to live right and be healthy. The 3 day military diet plan includes ice cream. It is a food that many would like to replace on their 3 day military diet plan. If so full fat yogurt is the way to go. For the same amount in ounces, you will consume fewer calories.

Probiotic yogurts are a plus since they contain active cultures of healthy bacteria and are a healthy choice. It is something to watch out for as you shop for your 3 day military diet plan.

Healthy Choices For 3 Day Military Diet Plan

There is the likelihood that, you wouldn’t find full fat yogurt at your local grocery store. There are other healthy choices such as Greek yogurt. This variant of yogurt doesn’t include sugar or sweeteners at all. If you want, you can add few amount of stevia and enjoy it. You can enjoy yogurt throughout your 3 day military diet plan by replacing ice cream with it. If you prefer to stick to the diet strictly, you can always have some yogurt on the 4 off days.