Who Can Try The 3 Day Military Diet?

Deciding to start the military diet can be a tricky decision at times. That is because it can be difficult to believe the 3 day military diet can give you the weight loss it promises in just a period of 3 days? Is it possible to lose as much as 10 lbs. in just one week? Well, the best thing to do is to read this 3 day military diet reviews. Doing so will present you with all the facts before you get started. By flowing the three day military diet for a month, you can lose up to 30 pounds. (If you decide to follow the military diet for a month, the diets should be seven days apart).

It is normal to be a skeptic when it comes to any diet that promises to make you lose a lot of weight fast. It is because they usually sound too good to work. If you are skeptical, then you are on the right track. However, it is important to know that military diet has scientific backing.

If you want to lose weight fast then the military diet is for you. The best thing about the fast results of the military diet is that it motivates you to believe in healthy living and dieting. That way you can stick to the diet, and lose more weight over time. Since the military diet is just three days, why do not you give it a try and tell for yourself if it works? Only the three-day military diet is the only diet that allows you to have ice cream.

Another group for whom the army diet is great is binge eaters and overeaters. That is because the foods and portions allowed are very precise. Therefore, you are encouraged to stick to the meal plans. Another advantage of the military diet is the combination of foods included. The inclusion of carbs, salt, sugar and all the other macronutrients allows you not to feel deprived. With the three day military diet, you will enjoy and look forward to the meals.

Untrue Myths About The 3 Day Military Diet

There are several myths out there concerning the 3-day military diet. That has led to many not even trying it. Here are some of the myths and truths about the three day military diet.

3 Day Military Diet Makes You Lose Only Water Weight

One of the myths perpetuated by the critics of the military diet is that weight lost through the 3 day military diet is all water weight. However, the true is that you lose fat and not water when you try out the three-day military diet. This myth is quite popular on the internet. So what is water weight? When your current diet consists mostly of foods high in sugar and sodium, your body will retain much water.

When you switch to a healthier meal plan and drink a lot of water. There is a drop in the sodium levels of your body. It means the excess water will naturally leave your body. However, since the military diet causes a huge calorie deficit (depending on the number of calories your preceding diet), you will lose fat and some muscle also. However, if you go back to an unhealthy diet, you will gain back all the weight you lose in no time at all.

You Will Gain Back The Weight Lost As Soon As You Are Done With The Army Diet

The truth is you cannot live on the military diet as a life choice, and you do not have to. Once you use the military diet, you can kick-start on healthy eating. Once you have lost the 10 pounds due to the three day military diet, you will have to ensure you do not consume more calories than you use. If you do, you will gain the weight right back. However, if you keep consuming a moderate amount of calories from healthy sources such as vegetables, lean meat, fruits, whole grains, and such.

So if your BMR is 2000 calories and you decide to consume meals such as a 14-inch pizza, which contains 2400 calories and have a litre of soda a day, which contains 400 calories and increases your glycemic index. Big Macs, which contains 550 calories per Big Mac and such, you will notice that you will gain weight quite quickly after you get off the military diet.

If however, you decide to consume the same or less amount of calories you use in a day, you will lose or maintain weight. However, the more weight you lose, the more difficult it will be to lose more. Many people do not believe in calorie counting. But if you can, it is advisable to keep a food diary. That way you know exactly how much you are eating. It is very easy to think you eat less than you do. The truth is it’s very easy to eat more than 2000 calories, which is the average amount of calories an adult consumes in a day.

You Will Go Into Starvation Mode If You Try The 3 Day Military Diet

This is another popular myth that is very untrue. This myth can be found all over the internet that the military diet will send your body’s metabolism into the starvation mood. That is untrue and does not happen. For your body to go into the starvation mood, you will need to eat less than a 1000 calories a day for weeks or even months before your body goes into the starvation mood. If you eat an average of 1200 calories a day for 3 days (which is the average 3 day military diet calorie count), your body will not go into starvation more.

The military diet is a form of intermittent fasting. This allows you to keep your body guessing and increase your body’s metabolism. It will help you burn fat and your muscles burn more fat. The only way the military diet can become ineffectual is if you continue the three-day military diet for longer than ten days. It is important to switch to a more natural diet after the army diet is over. That is the only way to keep from losing the progress accomplished by the military diet.

One of the groups of people who don’t seem to progress with the military diet, is those who go on the military diet, lose weight, go back to their a high carb/ high calorie diet, gain weight again, then try the 3 day military diet once more. It will cause your weight to fluctuate a lot, which is not good for you.

Things To Remember Before You Get Started

Before you get started with the military diet, you need to condition your mindset. The three day military diet is low in calories so that you will be feeling starved throughout the diet. However just because you feel hungry does not mean you are in danger. It only means you are not eating as much as your body is used to.

You will feel hungry. As stated already, you will feel starved when you start the military diet. It is not dangerous since the diet is a very short one. And the benefits of the military diet are many.

The Army diet is an inexpensive diet – The food list of the three-day military diet is one you can easily shop and acquire. That means it is important to ensure you best the best for the diet. You should also try to avoid foodstuffs that are high in sugar and sodium. That goes for the meats, peanut butter, and bread included in the diet. The sausage should be the healthiest.

You have to work out and go about your daily tasks as you normally will. The military diet works better when you work out and are active. This way you can burn as many calories as you can. If you decide to laze in bed all the 3 days and not workout, you will not lose as much as you are supposed to.

A Final Verdict On The 3 Day Military Diet Reviews

So does the military diet work? Yes, it does. If you follow the three-day military diet fastidious and go about your day, as you will on a normal day, you will lose weight in as little as 3 days. Depending on your weight, you can lose as much as 10 lbs. One of the best things about the military diet is there are no special ingredients, pills, teas and such. The ingredients are easy to find and the diet is easy to take on no matter your situation. It is important to see your doctor before you start the military diet. That will ensure you are in the right physical condition to do an intermittent fasting diet.



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