Army Diet – Just 3 Days Of Dieting?

The army diet has been a popular diet for some time now. Also known as the military diet, it is an adequate diet that allows you to lose a lot of weight in as little as a week. In fact, you can lose up to 10 pounds in just 3-days of dieting. This makes it an awesome diet.

So is this a real diet or a myth. The army diet is a real diet, and it works. This diet is frequently called the army diet, I am sure you have already guessed why it is called that. It is because this diet is used by soldiers and those in the army to get in shape quickly. If you want to embark on this diet, one thing is for sure. Just like a soldier, you need to be prepared and be determined.

Here is the basic idea of the diet. You get to eat to rake in very low calories, about 1000 to 1300 calories a day for three days, then you follow that up, with 4 days where you take about 1600 calories. It will help you low weight quickly. Also, It is an amazing way to start your diet, a hard diet to sustain.

Many things go into the army diet and many other things to expect when embarking on this diet. When you start this diet, you need to keep your mind on the prize and work hard towards achieving your goal.

Foundations Of The 3 Day Army Diet

The army diet is one of many diets out there. Some of the diets are good diets that work while others don’t. And this is because of the science upon these diets. We can assure you that the 3-day army diet is a plan that works. It is because the diet consists of actual science and not fantasy science like many others out there.

Also, there are many other crash diets and fad diets out there. It makes it difficult to decide, which one is safe and which ones to avoid. The army diet can be said to be a fad diet because it allows you to lose weight in a very short amount of time as compared to other diet plans. It is also easy to do. One of the best things about the 3 day diet is that all the foods you require for the diet are readily available and affordable.

Do that mean the 3-day diet is better than a long term does plan as it is not only cheaper but is also fast? It is one of the questions that have caused many people and even experts to disregard it. This diet is not a long-term solution to your weight problems. If it were, there would be no fat people ever. Rather it is a way to lose 10 pounds quickly. Of course, you can’t maintain the 3-day diet more than 3-days as you need more calories after the 3 day army dieting.

It is an amazing way to trim down quickly to for example get into your wedding dress or get ready for a social event. Once the diet is over, and if you go back to the previous routine, you will gain back all the weight you lost.

However, you can use the 3-day diet to upstart your weight loss program, then slowly move on to a long term diet. If you aren’t obese but just want to lose some pounds to get a trimmer figure, then you can use the 3-day diet to do so. But you need to continue eating healthy always.

The 3-day army diet is one that yield real results.

What Is The Menu Of The 3 Day Army Diet?

The aim of the 3 day army diet is to help you lose 10 pounds as fast as possible, and as conveniently as possible. With this in mind, the foods on the menu are ones that you can find very easily. It makes the 3 day army diet one that you can quickly follow. Do not decide by its simplicity; this diet is one that will have you losing a lot in no time. The diet can provide you with the right blend of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for your body to burn the fat and help you get in shape.

There is a chart of the foods in the diet.

So now that it’s over with the three days of dieting what is next?

4 Days After The Army Diet

The four days after completion of the 3 day army diet is just as important as the three dieting days. You can’t just go back to eating unhealthy after you have completed the diet. You will simply gain back what you have lost. The 3-day army diet lasts for 7 days despite its name. The name of the diet shouldn’t lead you to believe you’re scot-free after the first 3-days

During the next four days, it is important that you watch the amount of calories you take into your body. You should make sure you take in no more than 1600 calories a day. This part is totally important.

During the 4 days, you can eat what pleases you as far as the meals have the right amount of calories and are low in sugar. The foods should be healthy. It is one of the things that is most important in every and all diet: “How healthy are the meals you take in, and the amount of calories in them.”

Resisting the craving to eat unhealthy snacks can be quite strong if it is something you often do. Resisting this urge is important. In the end, it will be worth it and as you get used to it, it will be easy. You should also try out healthy nuts and other healthy snacks such as an avocado.

Also, it is important to workout actively during the four off days.

Exercising During 4 Days After The 3 Day Army Diet

It is important to do the right types of exercises if you wish to lose weight. For example, Cardio is a great exercise, but if you want to lose as much body fat as you can, you should also get into lifting some weights and doing strength training. You need to start gradually, with a weight that you find most comfortable with then work your way up. There is no reason to injure yourself. You can visit the gym or get a pair of dumbbells and start working out.

Popular Questions About The 3 Day Army Diet

Here are some questions about the army diet that people frequently ask:
Does the 3-day army diet last just 3-days? The name 3-day army diet implies the diet lasts for 3-days, right? Well, the meal menu if the diet consists of 3-days too, but this diet is a 1-week diet. The first 3-days of the diet are restrictive, and the last 4 off days are not. That doesn’t mean you can eat anyhow you want in those four days. You need to be particular of your caloric intakes throughout the whole diet.

The last 4 days of the 3 day army diet is meant to be a less-structured part of the diet that allows you eat as you like. It is important that you eat healthy during that time. You should be able to stay away from foods such as hamburgers and pizzas. An occasional bite won’t do much harm, but not during the 3-day army diet. These foods can early mess up your caloric intake. The restrictive three days of the diet might be over, but the last four days are just as important.

Is It A Good Idea To Lose 10 Pounds In Just 3 Days?

Losing 10 pounds can sound too good to be true, but it is possible with the 3-day diet. With that said, it is also a risky way to lose weight. The thing is that after you have lost the 10 pounds, you can quickly gain it back after the diet is over. If you want to get into a dress for a special event, without caring about your weight after that, then the 3-day diet is perfect for you. If you are an obese person, who wish to go on a diet, but you want a head start, then the 3-day army diet is also good for you.

You may be over 200 pounds with the aim of getting to a healthy weight. For you losing 10 pounds in weight seems almost impossible. But with the 3-day diet, you can do this. If you are average in weight, then it will be harder for you to lose the ten pounds promised by the 3-day diet. The bigger you are, the more efficient the 3 day diet is. Before you embark on the weight loss program, it is important to visit the doctor. You need to make sure, it is the right diet for you and wouldn’t lead to complications. If you feel, you can easily take on the 3-day diet, then you should do so. The menu is very strict, and it wouldn’t be easy during the first 3-days.

Do The Foods On The 3 Day Diet Really Boost Your Body’s Metabolism?

There are many foods on the 3-day diet that have been claimed to boost and increase your body’s metabolism rate, but how much of this is truth? And how much is made up?

The 3-day diet itself isn’t going to boost your metabolism magically. But there are foods on it that have nutrients and chemicals that are known to increase metabolism. One of such beneficial compounds is omega-3, which is available in abundance in tuna. It is one of the foods of the 3-day diet.

Other foods known to boost metabolism are green tea and coffee although green tea does a better job at this. Coffee or green tea are the beverage of choice for the 3-day diet. It means that your metabolism will boost, but you shouldn’t expect a miraculous increase in metabolism.

Are Hot Dogs And Vanilla Ice Cream Healthy Options?

Hot dogs and vanilla ice cream are two foods on the diet that are controversial and often subjects of fierce debate. Vanilla ice cream is high calories for its amount and isn’t very filling. That means you will feel less full. You can substitute that for a more filling food such as almond milk, where you can take much more quantity and get in the same amount of calories.

Also, hot dogs are not the healthiest food, mainly because they have a high amount of nitrates. You can easily replace it with soy hot dogs or even tofu which are healthier.


You can compare this diet to cramming for an exam. The army diet is a crash diet, that will help you lose a lot of weight quickly. It is, however, a very advanced 3 day diet and it ‘s hard to keep it up for a very long time. It is important to follow this diet plan very well to achieve the best of results. Not only that, you need to eat right during the whole week of the diet for the best results, and after that, you can use it kick start a long term regular diet. Many people have used this diet that way to great effect.