How Does The Military Diet Work?

The military diet is one of the most popular diets out there and for god reason. Many online forums discuss how it works, and there are many believers out there. With such a diet, there is a lot of misconceptions on exactly how it works, and this is normal.
So, how does the military diet work? Well, that is the question we seek to answer in this article.

How Does The Military Diet Work? – 3 Principles

To begin with let me tell you about the military diet. I promise I will be brief and stick to the bare minimal. If you carefully follow the 3 day military diet then it will allow you to lose 10 pounds in just three days. The military diet works apparently by:

  • By cutting down calories.
  • By speeding up your metabolism.
  • And it is very similar to intermittent fasting techniques.

With these three core principles, this diet will allow you to lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. Now let me elaborate on the reasons I have stated above. That way you can get a clear picture of the how does the military diet work and better understand it.

The 3 Day Military Diet Cuts Down Calories To Its Barest Minimum

One of the reasons behind the military diet is that it cuts down your caloric intake to its barest minimum. So how does the military diet work by letting you eat as little as possible? The average adult human female uses about 1800 calories a day, that’s before exercises and workouts. Of course, the more active you are, the more likely you are to burn more calories than stated, and the more sedentary, the more likely it is for you to burn fewer calories than is stated. What the military diet does is that it cuts your caloric intake down to between 1000 and 1200 calories a day. It means that there will be a deficit, and this is what will cause you to lose weight.

An obese person is likely to burn more weight when he or she takes on the 3 day military diet as compared to slimmer people. It is because obese people require more calories to function. The bigger you will need more energy to walk, and your body will require more energy to perform all bodily functions. When you weigh more, the military diet will let your weight drop more than if you are closer to average weight.

So with a reduction in your caloric intake, you can lose a few pounds in 3 days. You will need to follow the diet carefully, if you are to cheat on it even in the slightest, it can cause the military diet not to work. The diet can be quite difficult during the first three days. Even when the 3 days are over, you need to follow it with 4 days where you need to restrict your caloric intake to a maximum of 1600 kcal/ calories.

So how does the military diet work? Simply by lowering caloric intake.

Now let’s move on to the second principle.

By Speeding Up Your Metabolism

The low caloric intake can’t be the only reason the 3 day military diet works, right? So, how does the military diet work? Maybe it is because many of the foods included on the how does the military diet work is known to kick-start your body’s metabolism. One of such food is the tea/ coffee on the list. These beverages contain caffeine, and this causes your body to burn extra fat. Another food known to burn fat is grapefruit. This food causes your liver to burn more fat.

Other foods that help such as tuna, peanut butter, and eggs are all foods that are high in protein. Protein takes longer to digest and uses up more energy in digesting. It means that your body will use up more fat just digesting them. Also, the carbohydrates on the military diet menu are very few, and that also helps the body to burn fat. So how does the military diet work? It is the low caloric intake and the foods that cause your body to burn it’s extra fat.

The 3 Day Military Diet Is A Kind Of Intermittent Fasting

When you start the military diet, you are doing a form of fasting known as intermittent fasting. Many intermittent fasting techniques have been used by bodybuilders to lose body fat and build muscles, by obese people to lose weight and by regular people who want to lose weight.

Scientifically, a human is known to fast when you lower your caloric intake to below 1000 kcal/ calories a day. Contrary to popular belief, fasting isn’t unhealthy. It is a healthy lifestyle choice, as far as it is done properly and on a regular basis. When you fast, your body increases metabolism by decreasing the level of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) in your blood stream. It means, your body switches into repair mode and burns the fat in your body. It also burns the protein in your body. You can lower it by eating protein and exercising when the fast isn’t for too long.

Till date, many people have conducted various studies on this phenomenon till date. The American doctor, Dr. Varady is one of those who is well-known for conducting surveys to understand this phenomenon. In her studies, two different groups of volunteers did an alternate day of fasting forwarded by a day of regular eating. One group ate low-fat diets, while the other group ate a high-fat diet such as pizza. After ten days of fasting, both groups had lost about the same amount of weight. And surprisingly, on average members of the high fat diet (who ate foods like pizza and lasagna) had dropped more pounds.

So how does the military diet work? The 3-day military diet uses the principle of intermittent fasting, low caloric intake, and fat-burning foods to allow you to lose weight quickly.