Military 3 Day Diet Tips For Making It Work

The military 3 day diet can be a tough diet for many. While the military diet has its critics, there are many who can attest to the legitimacy of the diet. However, actually following the diet is very difficult and it is easy to cheat on it. For that reason, it is nice to know some tips beforehand. This will help you lose the 10 lbs. promised by the 3 day military diet.

Military 3 Day Diet Tips

Do The Military 3 Day Diet With A Partner

It is an excellent way to stay motivated. Research has shown that when you do a diet as a pair or as a group, it is so much easier to achieve your weight loss goals. Also, doing it on your own can get frustrating. You can also stop each other from cheating. On the menu, you will see instruction such as you should eat ½ a banana. What then do you do with the other half? If you are taking on the diet by yourself, it is easy to end up eating up that half. But, if you have a partner, he or she can take that off your hand. Also, many foods such as peanut butter can be shared among the group of dieters.

When finding a diet buddy, it is best to find someone with whom, you have similar fat loss goal. If one person want to lose just 20 pounds, and another want to lose 5 lbs., it is likely one person will be done before the other. That can be bad for motivation.

Get A Hobby – Any Hobby

This might seem like a weird tip, but it helps. Most people who are overweight are quite inactive people. You should get a hobby that keeps you moving and active. When you are occupied, you do not notice just how tired you are. You can try out gardening. This will keep you occupied and you will burn more calories than being at home. You can choose an active hobby such as going hiking or camping. It will reduce stress also. The stress hormone, cortisol, can contribute to weight gain. Besides, if you are home all the time and bored, you will be tempted to have one cookie, which will turn into two, and then three. Before you know it, you have already gone overboard without even knowing it. For this reason, you need to find ways to have fun while at the same time burning calories.

This is another time when a dieting buddy can come in handy. The two of you can do these activities together because doing hobbies alone can get boring sometimes. If you are in a weight loss group, then that could be even better. Also, when you are doing these activities with a partner, you can police each other and ensure neither of you cheat on the military diet.

Blog About Your Military 3 Day Diet

It is common to find blogs online of people who keep track of their weight loss regime. It is a very good idea as it keeps you motivated. Also, when you are successful, other people who want to lose weight can use your experience and knowledge to help them achieve their desired objectives. You should not keep your journey on the down low. Individuals who are successful are more open about their progress and the process of achieving it. If past successes were kept a secret, you may never have heard about the military three day diet.

You can start a weight loss journal or even better still start a blog. Talk about your efforts and the diets you wish to take on. Update the blog regularly on the progress you make. Also, include your workout and exercise routines. Tell us how you feel about the diet, the food plan and so. All of this will ensure you complete the military 3 day diet much easier. Also, when you are successful, you will feel right. Also, you are helping out others to lose weight also.

Make Sure You Follow The Off Days Carefully

Many decide to do the military 3 day diet twice in a row. That is not the best always. It is essential that you take the 4 to 7 days off seriously. You should not follow the extreme calorie restriction of the military three day diet, but at least eat healthy food on the off days. And you should ensure that you drink a lot of cold water.

You must have your breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up. You should also work out when you must. Lunch should be within 4 hours of breakfast. It is important that the heaviest meal of the day is lunch. This way you have a lot of time to shed off the calories taken in before you sleep. The last meal of the day (supper) should be eaten 3 hours before you sleep. It is important you eat as you normally do. It does not mean you should eat junk food and take in alcohol and soda. You should eat healthily and ensure you have a little calorie deficit.

Do Not Give Up

When it comes to gaining your dream body, to keep going continuously can be tough, especially when you seem to have hit a brick wall. When you start a weight loss program, most of the time, you will lose weight easily and steadily, until you stop losing weight. Many people will just give up now. But you should not. You need to keep going. Otherwise, you will gain back all the weight you work so hard to lose. It is just plain self-sabotaging. You need to keep on. Tweak your diet, your workout routine and keep on. It is never an easy journey, but it is one that is worth it. Not only will you be fitter and healthier, but you will also look better.

Drink Lots Of Water Instead Of Beer And Beverages

It is important that you drink between 2 to 3 liters of water when you are on a diet. It will allow you to flush out water weight caused by high levels of sodium in your system. Also, it makes you feel less hungry. It is necessary that you are well hydrated, especially when you are on an intermittent fast such as the military diet. You can also cut down on calories; you would gain if you drink a glass of water rather than a can of soda or light beer. Alcohol is converted into sugar and then into fat, which is then deposited in your belly region. For this reason, it is important you avoid beer. Research has shown alcohol can have its benefits, but not when you are trying to lose weight.

Do Not Cheat On The Diet

It is very easy to cheat when you are not following a diet, but it is absolutely essential that you do not cheat on the military diet. It is another time when having a dieting partner helps. The two of you can ensure that none of you cheats on the diet.

To keep you motivated, let us look at the results you should expect once you start the 3 day military diet.

Results You Can Expect From The Military Three Day Diet

So you have decided to take on the military three day diet, what should you expect? For many who are willing to try the military diet, it is possible you have tried so many diets but to no avail. Well, the 3 day military diet is based on these 3 foundations. These bases allow you to lose weight in a healthy but fast manner.

The military diet is a low-calorie diet. And that means you will be taking in as little as 1200 calories per day for 3 days. It will cause a calorie deficit, forcing your body to burn through its fat reserves. It will allow you to look skinnier. The principle is quite a simple one that is why it works. It is the simple principles such as this that allow the 3-day military diet to be so successful.

The military diet is a form of intermittent fasting regime. During the 3 days of dieting, you are basically on a fast. However, during the 4 days off the diet, you get to eat as you normally will. It allows your body to burn off fat and calories much faster. If you continue the 3 day diet continuously, weight loss will not be as massive, as alternating between off and on day.

The food list of the military 3 day diet is one that increases your body’s metabolism rate. For instance, the pectin in apples helps to limit the amount of fat your body stores. Also, the grapefruit produces an alkaline condition in your body. That allows your body to burn fat and this leads to weight loss.

Since the 3 day military diet contains various foods that are high in protein, it allows you to burn more fat than protein. And you want to burn fat and not protein which are the building blocks of your body. That is why it is an efficient diet!