Military Diet Day 1

Military Diet Day 1 – Preparation

The first day of the military diet is very crucial, and as such it is necessary for you to do proper pre day preparation to start. I assume you would need to do some shopping for your small 3-day diet plan. You will want to get the ingredients for your Military diet day 1.

It may seem easy but trust me it’s not as easy as it looks, although it is very doable. Many of us will remember a time in our teens and twenties when we could easily go days, eating little and the same kind of food, especially when the finals are close. You may, therefore, assume the military diet is going to be a similar case, but it may just be a little tougher. The good thing is there are a variety of foods in this diet so you wouldn’t be bored by a monotonous diet.

When you get the foods for your diet, it will be an excellent idea to check the nutritional value of the foods. This way you can be sure of the volume of calories you’re taking in.

Military Diet Day 1 Breakfast


  • On the first day, you’re supposed to have some black coffee or some tea. A cup of either is great. You shouldn’t add sugar. Sugar is quite high in calories for its size. Just plain coffee or tea (preferably green tea) without milk.


  • The diet also allows you to have some grapefruit, just half a slice of a regular sized grapefruit.

Bread with Peanut Butter

  • Just one slice of toast with almost two tablespoons of peanut butter on it and you are ready with a third of the Military diet day 1 breakfast.

Military Diet Day 1 Lunch

The lunch Of Military Diet Day 1 Isn’t Much.

Plain Tuna

  • Just half a cup of plain tuna.

Bread Toast

  • A slice of toast.

Black Coffee/ Green Tea

  • Some black coffee or green tea.

And by now you would be starving, so you need to resist the urge to eat more, it is crucial. You can perhaps ask a friend to help you out and give you encouragement.

Military Diet Day 1 Dinner And Supper

The last meal of the Military diet day 1 will be looking attractive. And, I am sure you’ll be salivating before you even see the meal.


  • Finally, you get to eat meat. 3 ounces of meat to be precise. It will be your favorite meat. I will urge you to go for the lean meat which has fewer calories.

Green Beans

  • You will have a cup of green beans with that.

Banana And Apple

  • Packed with energy providing potassium, banana is a very welcomed food in this meal. The other fruit you will be eating is an apple. We recommend having a small apple daily.

Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Finally, we have dessert, which will be a cup of vanilla ice cream. You can slice up the banana and add it to the ice cream if you want. It is quite delicious.

For now, you’re done with the Military diet day 1. There is more to come on day 2.