Military Diet Day 2

After the day 1 of the military diet comes the challenge of facing the day 2. The Military Diet day 2 may be hardest on those who must have coffee every day because there will be no coffee today. But no need to worry too much, you will be done even before you know it.

Military Diet Day 2 Breakfast

Now many of us including myself need a cup of coffee each morning to function, without coffee, I will be grumpy all day. It is going to be a big sort of a challenge. We will start the military diet day 2 breakfast with:

Slice of Bread

  • A slice of bread. No cheese, butter or spread of any kind is allowed. Just a slice of plain toast.

Half a Banana

  • You get to have half a banana. If you’re undertaking the Military diet with someone else, then the two of you get to share one banana.

Hardboiled Egg

  • And now the hardboiled egg which is the ultimate food for a break.

So far the Military diet day 2 is going great. If you are working then try to focus on walking as much as possible between the breaks. And now let’s head to the lunch.

Military Diet Day 2 Lunch

By now, I assume you’re geared up and readily awaiting military diet day 2 lunch menu. By the second day, most people will be quite used to the Military diet to some extent.

Saltine Crackers and Cottage Cheese

  • Saltine crackers are food, which I quite like, and you will have some cottage cheese with that. The diet recommends one cup of cottage cheese. So you’ll have five saltine crackers and a cup of cottage cheese.

Boiled Egg

  • You will also have one boiled egg with that.

If you’re may not a fan of cottage cheese, then you can have some cheddar cheese rather, or even some milk. You need to make sure the measure of calories is the same as in 1 cup of cottage cheese.

Also, not everyone likes salty crackers. You can have a different type of cracker (cookie), as long as the calories in both are the same

After lunch of the Military diet day 2, you’re more than halfway through your 3 day Military diet.

Military Diet Day 2 Dinner

You can say that dinner is the best part of Military diet day 2. There is quite a substantial amount of food for supper as compared to lunch and breakfast and some vegetables too. You can decide to stem the veggies if you like. It is up to you. So what does military diet day 2 dinner look like? Let’s find out:

Hot Dogs

  • The first food item on the menu is hot dogs. And you get to have two hot dogs, without the buns of course. It is quite substantial.

Carrots and Broccolis

  • The veggies are a nice food to have on the meal. You will have half a cup of carrots and half a cup of broccolis. Thus, you have had 1 cup of vegetables. Perfect for any meal right?

Ice Cream and Banana

  • Finally, the last food items on the meal are some ice cream and half a banana. By now you’re thinking, “I’m yet to eat a full banana on this diet.” Most people who take on this diet may break down and eat an entire banana. Also, you can have your banana with your ice cream as dessert.

Military diet day 2 is now over which means you’re almost 70% complete. By now you would have shed some pounds, and you can feel it. Now its time to check out the meal plan for military diet day 3.