Military Diet Day 3

The Military Diet is an excellent way to lose weight fast. It ‘s hard to maintain the weight, but it is a good way to get a head start. After the day 1 and day 2 of the military diet it is now time for day 3. Once the military diet day 3 is over, you can go back to your regular diet. You can then decide to continue with a new diet with which you take in fewer calories than your regular diet, but nowhere as little as the Military diet.

We have already looked at the first two days, and now we’re aiming to finish with a bang. By now, you’re feeling all geared up and ready to take on the diet. The Military Diet day 3 can be the toughest day of all since you’re almost about just to give and be content with what you have done so far. For some, it is the easiest day of all, because they know they are approaching the end. One more crucial thing to remember is that the Military diet isn’t the end of your weight loss journey, it is just a trip in this voyage called keeping fit.

Military Diet Day 3 Breakfast

Breakfast on Military diet day 3 will feel eerily familiar, although there is cheddar cheese instead of cottage cheese.

Saltine Crackers

  • The first food on the menu is five saltine crackers.

Cheddar Cheese

  • You can have that with some cheddar cheese, 1 slice to be precise.

An Apple

  • You will finish off with an apple. Just like the old saying goes “an apple a day …”.

Military Diet Day 3 Lunch

Lunch on the Military Diet day 3 is quite a letdown.

Slice of Bread

  • Just one slice of bread. No cheese or fatty stuff. Use of jam is also not suggested.

Hard Boiled Egg

  • One hard-boiled egg. The protein content is quite essential.

Military Diet Day 3 Dinner Or Supper

Supper of the Military diet day 3 is a lot much when compared to the rest of the meals so far, this is because of the amount of tuna you get to have.


  • The main course for dinner will be a cup of tuna. 1 cup of tuna is quite much and makes up to two cans. The tuna has to be plain, though. If you want to add some eloquence to your supper, you can have sushi grade tuna of the same amount.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana

  • For dessert, you will have 1 cup of ice cream and half a banana as usual.

And you’re done with your 3-day Military diet and is now time to get onto your scale.

3 Day Military Diet Tips

Many people fail to stick strictly to the diet, but many still manage to lose between 7 and 8 pounds. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • It is best to have a friend to do it with. That will help keep both of you going.
  • It is a superb idea to have a list of all the meals and foods, and as you complete each food, you strike it out. That way, your progress keeps you going and you get to keep your eye on the price.
  • Also, it would be a good idea to get the eggs, tuna and much of the foods ahead of time. Since it is a small diet, many of these foods will be fresh throughout the three days of dieting.
  • You shouldn’t stall, then eat all the meals in one take, at the end of the day or the beginning even if you find this easier. Make sure to spread it out accordingly.

So that’s all about the military diet day 3. The 3 day military diet is now complete. And you must be feeling brimming with joy that you have finally succeeded in your attempt. For the rest of the days of the week you can have the “OFF” days. However, it is better to be aware of your do’s and don’ts. Putting on weight is a lot easier than shedding weight so it is nice to follow some restrictions.

You must be wondering about a list of items that you need in order to follow the 3 day military diet. So here it is, a 3 day military diet shopping list.