One of the frequently asked questions about the military diet is whether men can also take on the military diet. The answer is, why not? Granted that men use more calories in a day on average than women do, this is a good diet to even the biggest of men. Some experts think it is best for men to add 500 calories to the military diet. However, many men have successfully taken on the military diet as it is and lost as much as women do. Here are some tips that will help keep the military diet for men successful. These tips will help you get the most out of the 3 day military diet plan.

Military Diet For Men Essential Tips

  1. The first tip is to cut down on a strenuous workout. When you eat as little as you do on the military diet, it can be difficult to carry out strength training particular since a lack of concentration can easily lead to serious bodily injuries. You will also feel exhausted than you normally will. For these reasons, you will like to exercise light, and nothing too strenuous until the 3 days of dieting is over. You can do some aerobic exercises during the 3 days of dieting, and even HIIT aerobics is a good idea.
  2. Military diet for men means eating low calories and thus make sure you cut out the supplements. If you are on an exercising or workout routine, it is likely you are on supplements. While these supplements including nutrient supplements such as protein whey powder are helpful if you want to lose fat and build muscles, they can contribute to your caloric intake. It is, therefore, a good idea to go off the supplements until you have finished the military diet for men. Since the military diet is just 3 days, you will be done in no time, and you can go back to your normal routine.
  3. Drink a lot of fluid. This tip does not only apply to military diets for men; even women can benefit from taking in a lot of fluid. When it comes to fluids, nothing beats water. Eight glasses of water a day should be enough. You can take more if you need to.
  4. Avoid beers. It is crucial that you cut out beer during the 3 days of dieting. Research has shown that beer has its benefits, which have been quite well-documented. However, when it comes to the army diet, you should try to cut it out as it can count towards your calorie intake. One of the things many people forget to consider is that alcohol contains calories. Because of the difficulties your liver goes through to rid your system of alcohol, the liver quickly transforms alcohol into fat that goes straight to your tummy. Because of this, you should try to cut alcohol to zero. This will not be easy for a habitual drinker, but it must be done. You should also avoid other forms of alcohol such as liquors, cocktails, wines, champagnes, and ales. After the 3 days of dieting, you can choose to occasionally have a beer or two. You should keep alcohol consumption to a minimal.
  5. Try not to substitute or eat more than stated. When you take on the military diet, it is important that you try not to substitute the foods on the list. It is easy to do that. While dietary restrictions and preferences can mean you have to substitute some foods with other foods, you should try to keep your food list as original as you can. When replacing food with another, make sure they are similar and contain the same amount of calories. For instead, you can choose to replace cheese with tofu, or you can replace ice cream with unsweetened almond milk.

Should You Use Sweeteners?

Many of us are so used to sugar, and this goes for both military diet for men and women/ however, for about glycemic index and caloric intake, it is best that we cut out processed sugar. The only sugar we can have is from fruits. Fruits contain fructose, which is much better for the body as compared to processed sugar, which is sucrose. Fructose is also better than the High Fructose Corn Syrup. High Fructose Corn Syrup is used as a sweetener in many sodas, and energy drinks in the United States and other parts of the worlds. This is because High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is cheaper in than sucrose in countries such as the United States, where imported sugar (sucrose) cost more than locally manufactured High Fructose Corn Syrup.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

There is a confusion between High Fructose Corn Syrup and fructose found naturally in fruits. Fructose has a low glycemic index and does not cause dips and surges in blood sugar levels as sucrose, High Fructose Corn Syrup and sugar does. Fructose is also sweeter than sucrose and High Fructose Corn Syrup. This means that you need a lot less fructose to create sweetness levels than sucrose and High Fructose Corn Syrup will. That is to ensure you that the fruits on the military diet are good for weight loss, and you should not add sugar to the coffee nor should you include sodas, energy drinks, and other sweet drinks.

Artificial Sweeteners

So can you use artificial sweeteners in military diet for men, which claim to be low in calories or contain no calories? Artificial sweeteners are produced in labs and are supposed to be 100% safe but are they? The FDA has approved many of these sweeteners. However, a little research of your own will reveal that these sweeteners have side effects that are not good for you. Many of them can lead to serious health problems such as cancer, and future weight loss among others. Splenda a famous artificial sweetener is marketed as 100% since your body excretes all of it. Therefore, it does not affect your caloric intake.

Research has shown that your body does not excrete all of the Splenda consumed. Therefore habitual consumption of Splenda can lead to buildup. Other sweeteners have been shown to cause cancer in tests ran on lab animals. To be safe, you should stick to the natural stuff. You should avoid ACK, Sweet One®, Splenda®, Sunett®, and other artificially manufactured sweeteners. Other side effects of artificial sweeteners include panic attacks, muscle cramps, headaches, depression and so much more. Artificial sweeteners can even cause the blood sugar level to surge and cause weight gain.


This is a relatively new sweetener on the market. As such, FDA approval may vary from country to country. Stevia in powdered form is produced from the leaves of the stevia herb. This sweetener is supposed to be 100% natural and safe. Lab research shows it has no side effects, does not affect caloric intake, nor does it affect glycemic index. Does this mean stevia is 100% safe? Well, that is a tough question to answer. A little research will reveal that many so-called stevia sweeteners being sold on the market contain other additives, which turn out to be artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose and other artificial sweeteners you are trying to avoid. It is important to know all the ingredients that go into any packaged stevia before you eat it. It may say stevia but may be something else.

What Is The Best Sweetener To Use During The Military Diet?

During the 3 days of dieting, it is best to avoid sweeteners altogether, and if you must, you can add half a teaspoon of stevia to the coffee you drink. On the off days, you can try honey and maple syrup. You must make sure they are 100% natural. Both natural sweeteners do not spike blood sugar levels like white or brown sugar does. Honey and Maple syrup are also high in antioxidants.


The military diet for men is the same as for women. It is important to follow the diet as best as you can. Also, you should exclude sweeteners, beer, soda, energy drinks, protein bars, supplements and other foods and intakes since they will affect the outcome of the diet.



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