Military Diet Meal Plan – A Sweet Tooth’s Guide

Let’s say you have a sweet tooth but want to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, so you decide to try the military diet meal plan. How is it going to be? Well, let’s just say you wouldn’t have it easy in the bit. It is because the military diet meal planforbids all sugar on the diet. However, there is still some hope for you. Surely, there must be something out there to sweeten the deal. Well, let us try to figure this one out together.

Military Diet Meal Plan Components

Artificial Sweeteners

If you decide to take on the military diet meal plan, as you should, then you should know that there will be no artificial sweeteners for you. Many of these sweeteners get used in diet sodas. You can find most of them in the market. They are known as safe and healthy alternatives, but are they?

What can science tell us about them? Well, many kinds of research have made links between many of these so-called artificial sweeteners and ailments such as panic attacks, headaches, palpitations and even diabetes. Who would have known?

They are difficult to digest and are quickly stored up as fat. So it is a no-no when it comes to artificial sweeteners.

Old-Fashion Sugar

So what about normal sugar, that stuff got to be good, right? Refined and brown sugar has been around for ages, but that doesn’t make them adequate for the military diet meal plan. They just contain too much “sugar”. What a coincidence!

Natural Sweeteners

There should be some stuff out there that you can use to curb your sweet tooth now that we’re in the natural department right. Well, it’s start off with the most popular choices such as honey and maple syrup.

Honey And Maple Syrup

Both honey and maple syrup are very delicious and are both organic. That’s not all. Both are very healthy and contain anti-oxidants. These are super beneficial compounds that fight off the dangerous free radicals in our systems. They help prevent cancer, heart disease and wrinkles and so much more.

But sadly honey and maple syrup are not right for the military diet meal plan. Both contain way too many calories. But, don’t give up hope yet. There is some good and healthy stuff coming up next with no calories at all.


Cinnamon is an excellent choice. It is very low in calorie and is safe to use. It is nowhere as sweet as sugar, but it will do. You can use the grounded cinnamon or cinnamon bark to sweeten your tea or coffee.


If you are indeed a sweetness enthusiast, then you must have heard of stevia. This herbaceous plant is native to South Africa. It is sweeter than sugar while at the same time, it has zero carbs and zero calories. If you ever have a sweet tooth, then this is the ultimate sweetener to use. It should have a catch, right? Well, it is much more expensive than sugar. But, if you must have a sweetener, then you must have stevia.

Thus our journey for the best sweetener concludes. Now, it is time to take on the main journey, and that is the diet. Check out the military diet day 1 plan to start your journey.