Military Diet Plan In A Nutshell For Beginners

The military diet plan is known for allowing you to lose up to 10 lbs. in about three days. That is particularly due to the nature of the diet. When taking on the three day military diet, it is best not to substitute the foods if you can. That is because the food on a diet works well with each other to enable your body shed off extra fat. It is also important to remember not to do the military diet plan twice in a row. After the three days of dieting, you should continue with 4 days of normal but limited eating. You should make sure you do not go overboard. Unhealthy eating habits will cause your weight to shoot right up again.

It is important to know that with the three day military diet, the weight you will lose will vary from one person to another. There are a few reasons for this. For example, people who weigh more will have a larger calories deficit and stand to lose more, while those who have a normal weight will lose less. Also, if you do this diet while working out, you stand to lose more. Lastly, the body’s rate of metabolism differs from one person to another. All of this influences just how much you lose overall.

Military Diet Plan Food List

When you decide to start the military diet, it is important that you purchase what you can before the start of the meal.

Tuna – You can purchase fresh or canned tuna. If you decide to use canned tuna, try to get the type that is in water rather, the type that comes in oil. That way you will be cutting down on calories.

Coffee or Tea – When it comes to coffee or tea, make sure you go without sugar/ sweetener and milk/ cream.

Peanut butter – With peanut butter, you can either buy from a grocery store or use home pressed peanut butter. When choosing, make sure you select brands with less sugar when possible. You can choose peanut butter that is crunchy or smooth. It is up to you.

Toast – This consist of any bread of your choice. The healthy choice obviously is whole wheat bread. You can choose to either toast it or eat it without toasting.

Meat of your choice – You can decide to choose any meat you desire to choose. Of course, with this, it is best to choose a healthy meat, such as lean meats. You can also go for seafood, pork, beef, and so on. If you choose to go with canned meat, it is best to choose ones with low sodium content.

Egg – You can cook the egg the way that best suits you. As a default, you can hard-boil the egg. Boil the egg for 12 minutes in boiling water.

Vanilla ice cream – This includes regular plain white vanilla ice cream with no added ingredients such as nuts.

Saltine crackers – If saltine crackers are not available you can go with plain crackers.

Hog dogs, without buns – With these you have to go with the healthiest choices and these include franks, such as beef franks, turkey franks and so on. You want to stay clear of the cheap hotdogs. These usually have unhealthy fillers and are not the best while you start the three-day diet.

Cottage cheese – This is great for weight loss.

Cheddar cheese – About two oz. of cheddar should be enough for this three-day military diet.

Military Diet Plan Optional Foods

When it comes to the military diet, it is best to keep it as it is. However, you may want to add some additions just to add more flavor and spice up the meals. If you must, here are some recommended additives to the military diet plan.

  1. Stevia, small amounts – This is a sweetener that contains no calories. I recommended this over other sweeteners since it is a healthier choice.
  2. Mustard, small amounts – When you decide to spice up your meals with mustard, use as little as possible.
  3. Relish, small amounts – With this ingredient also, go with small amounts.
  4. Lemon pepper – This is a seasoning made from lemon zest and black peppercorns.

The Military Diet Plan Journey

The three day military diet is not only limited in choice; it is very specific. However, you get to eat some ice cream daily. That is a good thing, right?

First Day Of The Military Diet

On the first day of the military diet, I was pretty much starving throughout the day as I get used to the diet. If I am 100 percent truthful, I’d say I never managed to get used to the diet in all of the three days. I had my usual workout in the morning as I do every day. Luckily, the coffee was a much-welcomed beverage, since I have a caffeine addiction. But in all, it was a good diet. The withdrawal of sugar was quite a tough one, but I got through. Here is a dedicated article on Military Diet Day 1.

Meals Of Day One

Breakfast – A cup of coffee or green tea, two tablespoons of peanut butter, a slice of whole wheat bread, and half a grapefruit

Lunch– half cup of tuna (canned or fresh, you can also try sushi grade tuna), a slice of whole-wheat toast, and a cup of coffee or tea (green tea is preferably, but oolong, or black will do).

Dinner– three ounces (85 grams) meat of your choice, preferably lean mean, half banana, a small apple, a cup Vanilla ice cream, and a cup green beans.


  • Try warming the apple and banana, and eating them with the ice cream.
  • You can use the peanut butter as spread for your bread.

Second Day Of The Military Diet

Day two was a very busy day and as such, I did not really notice the hunger. I went about business as usual, had my meals as according to the military diet plan. The hot dog was not a bad addition. Since I planned on eating as healthy as I can, I went with franks. There was no workout on the second day for me. That is just my normal daily routine. Here is a dedicated article on Military Diet Day 2.

Meals Of Day Two

Breakfast – half banana, an egg (cooked how you prefer), and a slice toast (preferably whole grain)

Lunch – a cup cottage cheese, a hardboiled egg (or cooked how you prefer) and five saltine crackers

Dinner – two hot dogs, without bun, half cup Vanilla ice cream (or yogurt), half cup diced carrots, half cup broccoli, and half banana

Third Day Of The Military Diet

On the last day, anticipation was right. For two reasons: I have finally almost completed the three-day military diet and I will finally see how much I have lost. By now, I just cannot wait to eat more. I just must. LOL! But first, I have to complete the diet. I just have to finish hard. The last day has the least amount of food, but I dragged myself through it. Here is a dedicated article on Military Diet Day 3.

Meals Of Day Three

Breakfast – five saltine crackers, two tablespoons peanut butter, a small-sized apple, and a slice cheddar cheese (or half a cup cottage cheese)

Lunch – a slice of bread (preferably whole grain), and a hard-boiled egg

Dinner – a cup Vanilla ice cream (or yogurt if preferred), a cup plain tuna/ sushi grade tuna, and half a banana


The next morning, I finally had the chance to weigh myself. Although I did not lose 10 pounds, I lost five, which is quite amazing. I know the heavier you are the more you stand to lose. I think I will try the military diet again, after 7 days of regular eating.

With the military diet, you can lose a lot of weight, especially if you are a heavy people. That is you can stand to lose 20 or more pounds. However, if you are already normal weight, it is going to be much harder for you to lose as much if you are normal weight. That is because there is not much to lose. To get the best out of the military diet plan, you can decide to do it twice.

The military diet is the perfect diet if you have been dieting and you want to shed the last of the pounds needed to reach your goal. It is also a great way to kick-start your weight loss program. Another great way to use the military diet is to use it when you want to fit into a dress in short notice, or you want to look good for an event coming on the horizon.