Military Diet Reviews

The 3 day military diet is a popular diet that has helped countless with their weight loss ambitions and has also allowed countless others to fit into their wedding dresses and also get ready for important events. And with the promise of losing 10 pounds in just three days, who can blame the countless followers of the military diet. And every day more and more people become believers. But, isn’t losing 10 pounds in 3 days too good-looking to be real? It is the question that many ask when it comes to the 3 day military diet. Well, the results are real, but that don’t make the military diet all perfect. Here are some military diet reviews.

Positive Military Diet Reviews

There are many positive military diet reviews. These highlights the wins of the diet and the reasons to why it is so popular. It is a very simple diet that almost everyone can follow, and it is effective. Here are some of the positive reviews of the military diet.

Military Diet Is Quick

A fine military diet review is the fact that is very short. The dieting period takes just three days. It means that if you need to lose weight in just a few days, you can come with this diet. That makes the 3-day military diet very appealing to many who wish to lose weight fast for a reason. Maybe there is an event that you need to be ready for, and you want to lose weight. If that’s your reason, then this is the diet for you.

No Need To Count Calories

Many diets require you to observe and count the amount of calories you take in daily and the amount you lose. It can be challenging and stressful at times. With the 3-day military diet, there is no need for all that. The menu is very simple, and it is easy to stick to, without worrying about whether or not you took in too many calories.

No Tedious Preparations

The meals of the military diet requires little or no cooking. It is one of the many positive military diet reviews. Also, it makes the diet easy to follow. It isn’t all that simple, needing to know how to prepare individual dishes to accommodate your diet plan. Some diet plans require you to cook alternative types of dishes to otherwise familiar dishes. Finding diet approved alternatives for meals can be tedious.

Foods On The Military Diet Menu Are Easy To Find

The foods on the list are cheap. One of the biggest obstacles with dieting is that it can be quite costly. Junk food is just so much more affordable. The 3 day military diet is an exception to this. The foods on the list are very affordable and very easy to find. No special ingredients are needed, and the foods on the menu are available in every convenient and grocery shop.

No Strenuous Workout Needed

The 3-day military diet doesn’t require any strenuous exercise or workout routine. You can exercise just as you usually do. Light exercises are also adequate. The best thing is that many have lost weight using the military diet without a single drop of exercise. It is one of the major desirable military diet reviews.

No Supplements Needed

No special supplements are needed. There are many pills out there that assure you of weight loss. There are different types of products and weight loss drinks out there. However, you can’t just take pills and expect to lose weight. The only scientifically proven way to lose weight is through exercising, taking in fewer calories and cutting down on your sugar consumption. The effects of foods that boosts metabolism such as coffee and green tea on weight are minimal and are certainly useless if you don’t cut down your caloric intake or burn more calories.

Foods Are Delicious

One of the common complaints of many that help you lose weight is that the meals are just not delicious. The diet forbids many of the tastier foods. One of the clear wins of the 3-day military diet is that the foods on the menu are delicious.

Military Diet Yields Results

The last and most important positive military diet reviews are that it works. There are many reviews online of many people who were happy with the results of the 3-day military diet. Few people lost 10 pounds, and many of the participants lost between 5 to 9 pounds. It is a significant drop in weight. The downside is that, without a proper follow through, many participants gain some of the weight back, but many did not care about that. They were happy they were able to get slim for one event or another. There are also many who were struggling with their current diet to drop the few last pounds needed to achieve their weight goals. The 3-day military diet helped them with that. There are many such positive military diet reviews online.

Negative Military Diet Reviews

With the diet’s short duration and massive weight loss, it is no surprise there are many critics of the diets. These have led to some negative military diet reviews. There are some strange food combinations in the diet, coupled with two particular food choices (ice cream and hot dogs) that many consider unhealthy. There are claims of it being a diet that encourages laziness and discourages a healthy lifestyle that leads to weight loss.

Here are some of the negative reviews of the military diet:

Ice Cream And Hot Dogs

The first negative of military diet reviews, I would like to address is the inclusion of vanilla ice cream and hot dogs in the diet. Hot dogs have a high concentration of nitrates and saturated fats. Most of the negative military diet reviews are because of these two foods on the menu.

You can easily replace these foods with healthier alternatives. With that said, having a little junk food when dieting isn’t going to have an adverse impact on your diet’s outcome and is an excellent way to keep morale up. They also make the diet easier.

Military Diet Is Very Strict

You need to follow the military diet seriously if you want results. Even a few additional calories can potentially mess up the results wanted. It is very harsh during the first 3 days. The good thing is that it is quite short.

Difficult To Follow And Might Not Yield Results

Due the small amount of calories allowed by the diet, many are not able to follow it. Some can complete but end up cheating on the diet.

That means that very few people can lose as much as they should. It is one major challenge of the 3-day military diet. There have been reviews of the 3-day military diet where people lose as much as 13 pounds by following the military diet with four days of a caloric intake of a maximum of 1600 kcal/ calories a day.

Some Nutritionists Don’t Think It Is A Good Idea To Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days

Many experts don’t embrace the 3 day military diet because of the following reasons:

  • Experts believe that any diet that allows you lose more than 1 pound in a week in not advisable.
  • Also, a change in lifestyle is best, rather than a quick get loss weight plan.
  • The expectations of the 3-day military diet are very high, and that can lead to disappointments.

Because of these reasons, many nutritionists have given negative military diet reviews and believe you are better off with a more comprehensive diet plan.

Also, the military diet can cause your weight to fluctuate. That is, you can lose 5 pounds this week, then gain another four the following week, then lose 7 pounds the next. A yo-yo diet is not the best and doesn’t allow you to sustain weight loss over the long term.

On the other hands, many have lost weight using the 3-day military diet.

Doesn’t Encourage Exercising

A negative military diet review is that the 3-day military diet doesn’t help exercising. If you can lose 10 pounds in just 3 days, then why do you need to exercise. It is a rather unhealthy choice.


Well, there you have it, the best way to judge the military diet is to take on the diet yourself. The best part is that just 3 days of dieting isn’t going to have an impact on your long-term health. If you want to try the 3 day military diet, then you need to, and then you will have the experience of it to share. Also, every form of diet plan is subjective. A diet plan that may work for most people may not work for you. In the same way, a diet that that would work for you won’t work for the next people. It can be the structure of the menu and the nature of your lifestyle and job. It can also be the diet restrictions.