The military diet is a fast way to shed weight, mainly water weight. If you want to lose weight quickly to fit into a dress you’re dying to wear, or an event you need to attend, then the military diet is an excellent way to do that. With this dietary system, you can lose 10 lbs. in as little as a week. However, the military diet is a pretty strict diet with specific foods that need you need to eat. Clearly, this can be a problem for many people who wish to follow it. However, you don’t need to worry, there is an easy way to circumvent this issue. And that is by the use of military diet substitutes.

The foods you’re permitted to eat according to the military diet are very distinct. It is because each day’s meals have been precisely calculated and is supposed to serve you with a particular amount of calories and nutrients. However, not everyone would like the food items you need to eat whether because of personal preferences or for dietary limitations. It can be a problem, but it doesn’t have to be so.

You can substitute each of these foods with some different foods. This article will guide you through all the food items and what to substitute for what and the amounts to have to eat.

Here is a list of all the military diet foods: Apple, Banana, Bread, Broccoli, Carrot, Cheddar Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Coffee, Egg, Grapefruit, Green Bean, Meat, Peanut Butter, Saltine Crackers, Tuna and Vanilla ice cream. Each of these foods has military diet substitutes.

Calories Of The Substitutes For Military Diet

When it comes to military diet substitutes, it is important to make sure you know the amount of calories in the food being substitutes and what you’re substituting it for and why. Do not just look at the size. Remember appearance can be deceiving. Simply because a food item is larger than another does not mean that it has more calories than the smaller one. You can say the same about military diet substitutes that are smaller than the original food item. Even if the food items are similar (as in both are fruits).

count calories

An example of this is 8 ounces of cottage cheese contains 200 calories, while just two ounces of cheddar cheese also contain 200 calories. So substituting the same amount of cheddar cheese for cottage cheese will naturally lead to you taking in 4 times more calories. You can say the same about various other military diet substitutes. It is crucial that you know the amount of calories a portion of food has and the equivalent of that to the substitutes for military diets.

Another good example signifying this is the military diet substitute of tuna is almond (if you’re a strict vegan). Almond contains a lot more calories, and 20 almonds will have about the same amount of calories as one can of tuna.

It is important regularly to calculate the amount of calories in your military diet substitute.

Military Diet Substitutes For Grapefruit

Although grapefruit seems like a simple enough fruit, not everyone can take it. Some just dislike it, while others can’t take it because of medical reasons such as the grapefruit interfering with prescribed medication. No matter your reason, you can substitute this food. You can’t just substitute it for orange and be okay. The best military diet substitute for grapefruit is baking soda. There aren’t other military diet substitutes for the function that grapefruit serves in your military diet.


You should dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and drink. You can further squeeze out the juice and add stevia.

Benefit Of Baking Soda For Weight Loss

Baking soda is an alkaline forming substance when digested and research have shown that alkaline forming foods are good at stabilizing your body’s pH level. Baking soda and grapefruit (although grapefruit tastes acidic) are rendered alkaline when digested, and this produces alkaline conditions in the body which help in the burning of fat. It makes it a go-to military diet substitute to grapefruit.

baking soda mix

Peanut Butter Substitutes

Peanut allergy is a very common form of allergy. Many people are allergic to peanut and all foods that are made with or contains peanut such as peanut butter. It means that military diet substitutes are needed for the peanut if you decide to embark on the military diet.

peanut butter

Here are some substitutes for military diet for peanut butter:

  • Almond butter (same amount), almond butter and peanut butter have about the same amount of calories, or
  • Bean dip (same), or
  • Hummus (same), or
  • Pumpkin butter (same), or
  • Soy butter (same), or
  • Sunflower seed butter (same), or
  • Plain sunflower seeds (2 tablespoons).

All these will work great as military diet substitute for peanut butter.

Military Diet Substitutes For Bread

If you don’t like bread or feel it is too dull for your taste, or you simply want a different food to replace it, you can do so. Since bread is one of the most widely eaten food, it is no surprise a lot of people substitute it. It can make your military diet enjoyable.


Here is a list of some military diet substitutes for bread:

  • High protein bar (half a bar), or
  • Sunflower seeds (one eighth of a cup/ 2 tablespoons), or
  • 2 rice cakes, or
  • A single tortilla, or
  • Whole grain cereal (half a cup or 8 tablespoons), or
  • Yogurt (a quarter a cup or 4 tablespoons) with half a teaspoon of flax seeds.

Military Diet Coffee Substitutes

When providing military diet substitute for coffee is important to know the amount of caffeine in the coffee as coffee is calories free. A cup of coffee will contain about 100 milligrams of caffeine. A can sugar-free Red Bull has about 75 milligrams of caffeine, so you can safely substitute with that. Any other energy drink that contains sugar or sweeteners may not be a good choice as they have calories. Also, the sugar-free chocolate beverage will contain some calories. You can also drink green tea in substitute for coffee.


Tuna Substitutes

Not everyone likes tuna. I (like many others) am not a fan of tuna, so it is nice to have an alternative to tuna. If you like tuna but still want something more intriguing rather than plain old tuna, you can try grilled sushi grade tuna. It should be the same amount as the plain tuna you’re substituting.

military diet substitutions for tuna

There are several other military diet substitutes. Here is a list of some food items that can be used to substitute tuna.

  • Grilled sushi grade tuna (same amount), or
  • Almonds, or
  • Chicken, or
  • Cottage cheese, or
  • Tofu, or
  • Peanuts, or
  • Fish, or
  • Finally, you can take out tuna and replace it with very lean meat

Green Bean Substitutes

You can replace green beans with other foods. It can be for preference reasons. You can replace it with other green vegetables such as lettuce, Brussel sprouts, and others. When doing so, make sure the calories are the same as the amount of green beans you’re substituting.

green beans

Other military diet substitutes for green beans are:

  • Tomatoes, or
  • Spinach and
  • Other vegetables

You should make sure that the vegetable you substitute for green beans has the same amount of calories as the amount of green beans on the diet.

Meat Substitutes For Military Diet

Not everyone wants to eat meat. Some people can’t do so because they may be vegan or vegetarian. But regardless of your lifestyle, you can take on the vegetarian military diet. You just have to know what to substitute for what.


Here are some military diet substitutes that will work just as well:

  • Beans
  • Tofu
  • Portobello
  • Mushrooms
  • And other meat alternatives.

When doing this, it is necessary that you make sure that the military diet substitute has the same amount of nutrients and calories as the meat you’re supposed to take.

Banana Substitutes

Banana is a beautiful fruit to eat and has potassium which is great for daily activities and highly physical activities. You can replace 1 banana with:

  • 2 apricots, or
  • Apple sauce (same calories amount), or
  • a cup of papaya, or
  • Grapes (same calories amount), or
  • 2 kiwis, or
  • Plums (same calories amount).


It is important that the calories are the same as the amount of banana the military diet allows.

Carrots Substitutes

Carrots can also be substituted with other foods, depending on your preferences. Everyone have favorites. When substituting, you should keep in mind the calorie amounts and make sure they are the same as the substituted carrots.


Here are some military diet substitutes for carrots:

  • Bell pepper, or
  • Beets, or
  • Celery, or
  • Parsnips, or
  • Squash.

Broccoli Substitutes

When it comes to the military diet substitutes of broccoli, green vegetables work great as far as the calories are the same as the calories of the substituted amount of broccoli.


Some green vegetables that are great alternatives are:

  • Asparagus, or
  • Lettuce, or
  • Cauliflower, or
  • Brussel sprouts, or
  • Spinach

Cheddar Cheese Military Diet Substitutes

It may be desirable to avoid cheddar cheese for many reasons. You may be a strict vegan and as such you don’t take dairy products. Also, it is likely that you are lactose intolerant, and as such you can’t have dairy products. You may just not like the taste of cheddar cheese, no matter your reason; there are several military diet substitutes out there that will serve as excellent alternatives.

cheddar cheese

Here are some replacement non-vegan foods for cheddar cheese:

  • Cottage cheese (remember cottage cheese contains a lot more calories than cheddar cheese)
  • Eggs (the calories amounts need to be equal)
  • Ham

As a vegetarian, you may want to check out vegetarian alternatives such as:

  • Tofu
  • Soy milk
  • Soy cheese

All the above replacement foods are high in calcium.

Hot Dog Substitutes For Military Diet

Hot dog isn’t much of a healthy choice, and many people choose to replace it. It is high in nitrates, and this is bad. There are many other options to choose from and substituting this food should be no problem at all.

hot dogs

Some non-vegetarian choices are:

  • Baloney, or
  • Bratwurst, or
  • Deli meat or
  • Luncheon meat, or
  • Turkey dogs.

Great vegan replacements are:

  • Beans, or
  • Tofu dogs, or
  • Lentils, or
  • Soy dogs, or
  • Portobello mushrooms.

The calories have to be the same as you seek to substitute hot dogs for any of the above-listed foods.

Egg Substitutes

You can substitute eggs also. Many people don’t like the taste of egg especially the white. When you eat an egg, it can make you feel nauseated for up to an hour. If you’re one of such people, you would want to replace eggs with another food.


Some military diet substitutes for eggs are:

  • Milk (240 ml or one cup)
  • one chicken wing
  • a quarter cup of assorted nuts
  • 2 slices of bacon.

All of these foods are fantastic replacements.

Apple Substitutes

Apples can also be substituted. There are several great replacement fruits for apple such as:

  • Dried apricots, or
  • Grapes, or
  • Plums, or
  • Peaches, or
  • Avocado pears.


The replacement fruits should have the same amount of calories as the apple replaced.

Cottage Cheese Substitutes

I bet you guess, “If cottage cheese can replace cheddar cheese, the cheddar cheese can replace cottage cheese.” If that was your guess, then you’re 100% correct.

cottage cheese

Other foods that can replace cottage cheese are:

  • Greek Yogurt (Plain), or
  • Eggs, or
  • Ham, or
  • Ricotta cheese.

If you want a vegan alternative, then you should try this military diet substitute:

  • Tofu.

Vanilla Ice Cream Substitutes

vanilla ice cream

You may want something different than vanilla ice cream, good military diet substitutes are:

  • Strawberry yoghurt
  • Apple juice
  • Almond milk (don’t use chocolate almond milk)

Saltine Crackers Substitutes

The last food we will have a look at is saltine crackers. You can replace these with cream crackers or other types of cookies. Make sure they have the same amount of calories as the saltine crackers you’re supposed to eat.

saltline crackers



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