Military Diet Substitutions For Tuna

Tuna is one of the best food for diet plans out there if you want to lose weight. Apart from the fact that it has so many essential nutrients such as vitamin b-12, niacin, vitamin b-6, phosphorus, and selenium, it is also very low in calories and very high in protein. It makes tuna one of the best foods for weight loss. You will feel fuller for a long while taking in very few calories. Here are the reasons to include tuna in your diet plan. And if you’re on the military diet, then here are some reasons not to look for military diet substitutions for tuna.

Factors Of Military Diet Substitutions For Tuna

Tuna Is Low In Calories

When compared to other high protein foods such as beef or chicken, tuna is very low in calories. For instance, 100 grams of canned tuna has 179 calories as compared to the 200 calories of a chicken breast and the 288 calories of beef. At the same, it has about the same amount of protein as both chicken and beef. It makes it a very healthy source to choose from, especially when you’re on a diet.

You can consume fewer calories if you have tuna in your diet menu. It makes it an excellent decision not to have military diet substitutions for tuna unless you’re a vegetarian.

A High Protein Food

Studies have shown that if you follow a high protein diet, where you consume as much protein as carbohydrates, you will lose more weight than if you follow a 1 gram of protein to 3 grams of carbs diet. Tuna, as mentioned earlier, has a high source of protein. It makes this the food of choice for many dieters.

Tuna Is Rich In Omega 3 Fats

Foods that are high in omega 3 fats make you feel fuller for long. It means that when you take in tuna, you won’t feel the urge to eat more. Or in the least, your appetite will be reduced. Tuna has 230 milligrams of omega 3 in just 3 oz. of serving. It is a very high amount.

Mercury Worries

Tuna has a high amount of mercury. It is one of the reasons why some seek military diet substitutions for tuna. Which means that it is not the healthiest to eat a high amount of tuna a day. The amount included in the military diet is quite low and as such you shouldn’t have to worry about mercury poisoning. If you’re eating chunk light tuna, you can safely eat up to 12 oz. and not worry about any adverse side effects.

Vegetarian Military Diet Substitutions For Tuna

If you are a vegetarian, you need substitutes to tuna. There is a lot to choose from including peanuts, soy dogs, tofu and other high protein plant foods. You just need to make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories.

Meat Substitutes

Other meat military diet substitutions for tuna are chicken, cottage cheese, and other fish such as sardines. All of these are very healthy also.