What Is the Military Diet And How Is It Useful?

Probably this is your first time hearing of the military diet, or maybe you have heard of that any time in the past, and you’re curious as to what is the military diet. There is also the likelihood that you have already heard of this diet, and you plan on embarking on it.

But before you do that, you want more information on this diet. If that is your reason, then it is a beautiful one. It Is always safe to find out about a diet before you start it.
In this article, I will enlighten on the topic of the 3 day military diet and how to follow it and the results to expect.

The Military Diet

There are many diets out there including the Jenny Craig, the Vegan diet, the Fruitarian, Atkins and so much more. Each of these diets has their advantages and disadvantages, and this isn’t a bad thing. Apart from all these diets, we have the military diet.

This diet is one that will yield results in as little as 2 to 4 days. This means it works fast. It has been used by many brides to get into their wedding dresses on short notice, and by sportsmen to fall into the weight category and so much more.

The reason why this diet is well-liked is that you can use it in times of emergency, and it works great. Also, there is no need for exercising Although exercising will further help your course. Maybe you’ve been on a diet and have lost a lot of weight, but there are a few pounds that still won’t go away. The 3-day military diet can help you get rid of those few pounds. If you follow the military diet with high-protein, low-carb diet, it will allow you to keep the pounds you lost from returning.

The duration of this diet varies and depending on you; you can choose that which works best for you. The shortest application of the military diet is the 3-day diet. What is a military diet factor that makes it such a success?

What Is The Military Diet 3-Day Plan?

The 3-day military diet is a cycle diet. This means that you have OFF days. On these days you can eat as you normally do, and 3 ON days, you consume very little calories as dictated by the diet.

It can help lose up to 10 pounds in just 4 days if followed rigorously. The results aren’t the same across all persons. For instance, a person weighing 200 pounds will lose more weight than a person weighing 155 pounds. The heavier you are, the more you stand to lose.

With these claims, it’s hard for some to believe it works. What the military diet does is limit your calories intake on your ON days to just between 1500 calories to 1700 calories.

It is, however, different from other crash diets because it doesn’t starve you as much as a crash diet will (a crash diet is a diet that allows you to consume under 1500 calories a day).

Because of the short 3 ON days dieting periods followed by the 4 OFF days, there are virtually no complications and almost no withdrawal symptoms.

Meals Of The Military Diet

The military diet is to be followed three meals a day for 3 days, as you would most likely know already.

The meals of the military diets are very straightforward and inexpensive. You wouldn’t need any special culinary skills to prepare them. It also doesn’t require special sauces, portions or mixes. You don’t need a food scale and nor a calories calculator. This diet is very easy to follow. The diet includes very simple foods such as banana, cheese, ice cream, carrots, broccolis, beef, tuna, etc.

So what is the military diet difficult part? It is most likely your very own craving. Going three days on little food can be difficult for people who eat a lot on an average day. However, with some determination, it is easy to overcome this hurdle.

Elements Of This Diet

What is the military diet most appealing features? While the military diet is not as flexible as the Jenny Craig diet, it is much more relaxed when compared to the vegan diet. You can say it has a medium strictness level. The food options included in this military diet is a lot more varied when compared to many other diets. It includes dairy products, foods high in protein, vegetables and also meats. So it is quite well-rounded for those who don’t want to eat the same kind of food all week long.

What is the military diet drink of choice? For this diet, coffee is the drink of choice and for good reason too. Apart from the fact that coffee is packed with antioxidants, it is also an effective appetite suppressant. This means that it will keep you from feeling hungry. However, you shouldn’t add cream and sugar to the coffee as this messes with the effects the diet seeks for in the coffee. If you consider adding a sweetener, then you should use stevia.

The main downfall of beginners when they do this diet is, they tend to overeat. This is usually the case in the beginning part of the diet. It can be difficult to shut down the craving for food and the hunger when you start, and it usually takes time making it a habit. It is easy to go in for more serving of the food you are supposed to have than proposed by the diet. The amount of food items allowed on the military diet is controlled and limited in number. Having one more is easy. This may lead to the participant quickly messing up the diet.

Also, with the military diet, you have to stick strictly to the amount of coffee allowed. It is easy for participants to drink way too much coffee. It will lead to an “overdose” of caffeine in the body. Which would lead you to an elevated heart rate and you would urine a lot more times. Because of this, I would advise those who wish to partake in this diet to see their general practitioners before commencing.


So what’s the military diet most important tip? Many will say it is the fact that you need to keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the diet. The truth is, hydration is one of the elements that can make your 3-day military diet a success or a failure. It is crucial that you drink a lot of water. Also, it is nice to have a cup or 2 of coffee a day during your military diet, but you shouldn’t limit it to just that. And it is important that you drink a lot of plain water. That should be your number one source of hydration. Water has no additives such as caffeine and also has no colorants. It will not add to your calorie count. During the diet, when you feel the urge to grab a snack, just grab a glass of water instead.

What is a military diet water needs? The recommended amount of water for an average human adult should be about 8 cups a day. It would not only make the diet easier, but it will also allow you to lose more weight. Also, proper hydration will influence the appearance of your skin, improving its look and feel. Research has shown that drinking little water will mostly likely cause an increase in weight. Water helps to maintain the body’s functions and stabilizes metabolism. This is why it is so necessary for you to drink the recommended amount of water daily and in particular through this diet.

Eat Natural And Avoid Carbs

What is the military diet next helpful tip? It is best to stay away from processed foods on your OFF days. It will allow you to eat naturally. In the long run, this should help you maintain your weight. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are also to be avoided as much as possible. On your OFF days, you should eat 300 grams of carbs. It will help you to shed your body fat, and also prevent your body from accumulating fat.

When you seek to eat natural, it should be a gradual process and not a sudden change. It enables you to integrate more vegetables and fruits into your diet. It slowly eliminates processed carbs and sugar loaded food.

If you’re the type that eats burgers, French fries, and chips a lot; it can be tough to all of a sudden stop eating them. Also, It will lead to raised levels of stress, and you can end up consuming too much of the foods on your new meals. It can lead you to overload on calories, and gain weight. It is important that you take your time in integrating more foods that are healthy into your regular diets.

So what is the military diet most appealing characteristic? The military diet is a diet that helps to lose weight very quickly within a few days. However, without eating healthy on OFF days, one can quickly gain back what they lost.

Taking On The Military Diet Long-Term

There are many out there who take on the military diet not as a one-time thing, but a regimen that they make a part of their life. And it has led to healthier lives. It is important to know that, for those who wish to make it a part of their weekly routine, you can tweak some of the food items on the meal plans. You can replace hot dogs with lean means since hot dogs are high in nitrates. You may replace coffee entirely with green tea, which is a fantastic choice.

It is also important to work out regularly, eat healthy, drink a lot of water. Also getting at least 7 hours (preferably 8 hours) of sleep every day is necessary.


What is the military diet? It is a diet that allows you to lose weight fast and safely. If your aim is to lose weight and look good, then this is a diet you have to take into consideration. It is a process which is both safe and which provides excellent results. It is simple to follow and takes very short time to provide results.

The question then is if the military diet is such as effective weight loss tool, what is the military diet most challenging aspect? It is the amount of discipline you have as an individual. To achieve results, it is important that you stick to the diet as best as you can if you want the best of results.

Also, a change in lifestyle particularly, some hours you spend weekly exercising and the foods you eat, when not on the military diet will all add up to the effectiveness of the military diet in the long run.

Dietitians and many others have questioned the 3 day military diet. But there are many people out there who have used this effective tool to lose weight and look good. Best of all, it may just get you to fit into that dress you just can’t seem to wear.